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Get to know more about the European Young Engineers (EYE) and the people who are coming to the conferences: We have spoken with a special person. Sebastian Siemes is the suj delegate for the Young Engineers – Future Leaders (YEFL) organization. You ask yourself what is that? Just continue reading.

Bild: privatSiemesWhere are you from and what have you studied?
I grew up near Lake Constance and moved to Stuttgart for my studies which is called Technology Management. That is, for the main part of the degree, mechanical engineering plus economics, which gives me an edge to understand the business of engineering.

You are the delegate for the YEFL. How do you come into that position and why you want to do that job?
As a member of the VDI and therein especially in the young engineers board I wanted to take responsibility for the further development of our board. As it gets increasingly common and important to work in international context, it is important to build and strengthen the worldwide network, be it our personal one or that of VDI. The final step towards that passion was the election by the young engineers board which took place in October 2012.

Why we should spent our time and money to come to a YEFL conference?
Why do you spend money for travelling around the world? In fact these YE/FL meetings take place all around the world (2013: Singapore; 2014: Nigeria; 2015: Japan), so on the one hand you see very different places. However way more important is the mixture of many interesting and open-minded participants from all over the world. I am referring not only the ones participating in the YE/FL board but also the other 9 boards hosted by the WFEO as these YE/FL conferences always take place together with the other boards‘ meetings.

Can you compare the YEFL with EYE what are they have a common ground? What are the differences?
One of the most important goals YE/FL and EYE have in common is the platform for young engineers (and of course students) to get to know each other across the boundaries of countries. For me this is more important than the explicit knowledge that you get by listening to the fact-based presentations that are part of both conferences.
A main difference between EYE and YE/FL conferences is that the YE/FL meetings always are in the bigger context of the whole WFEO-boards meetings where many participants are senior engineers. Of course, another difference is the global orientation of YE/FL whereas the EYE focuses on Europe.

What do you think: EYE, YEFL. Isn´t it enough to have only one organization?
No, for two reasons: By definition you can’t cover the global connections in the EYE. Besides that you learn about the needs in other countries and their specific people and cultures first hand which lead to very interesting conversations.
It makes it easier to work on more complicated issues when you meet every 6 months instead of once a year, especially when the distances in Europe aren’t too big to make it possible to meet between two official conferences.

At what conferences do you have been so long? Do you have been to an EYE conference?
My first international conference was the EYE conference in Rotterdam 2012. It was my first contact with EYE and lead me into my position of representing the young engineers board of the VDI worldwide. So far I attended the conference in Kuwait in February 2013 (which was only held for YE/FL) and the official WFEO conference in Singapore in September 2013.

Bild: EYESiemes quer

What do you want to get rid about the volunteer work in an international network?
It would be great, especially in case of YE/FL, to get some more young engineers/students to the conferences, for instance via sponsoring of parts of the travel costs.

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