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Welcome to Germany

Germany has a central role on the European engineering labour market and is therefore sought-after amongst highly skilled migrants from all across the globe. A recent study found that every seventh economically active engineer in Germany has an immigration background. Most foreign engineers originate from Russia and Eastern Europe, China, India, and Iran. But what steps does one need to complete on the path to successful living and working in Germany as a foreign engineer? The following chart has the answers:

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Relevant Links:
Recognition of Qualifications for non-EU-Citizens
Working Visa for none-EU-Citizens
Recognition of Qualifications for EU-Citizens

Finding a Job:
Federal Employment Agency
VDI nachrichten Ingenieurkarriere
EURES – the European Jobs Network

Living and Housing:
Make it in Germany Portal

Culture and Language:
Goethe Institute

Further Advice and Support:
VDI – The Association of German Engineers

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Aufgabe im VDI: verantwortlich für alle Projekte rund um den Ingenieurarbeitsmarkt und manchmal auch darüber hinaus.

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  1. This is very informative and helpful for people like me who’s looking for Jobs after Master Studies here in Germany. Thank you.

  2. Hello all,
    I am working in dept. R&D, system Integration diesel engines with people coming from other countries like India, Brazil or Hungary. Big companies like Bosch Stuttgart are giving their employees the change to do their jobs for example 3 years in Brazil or India. The same for these Bosch People in India or Brazil, they working for applikation Diesel in Germany and so we were working together for longer time. All experience I made with them was very good, they are well known in their technic.
    Best wishes Karl Große-Holz, DEUTZ AG

  3. Hi,

    I am looking our for Fluent German and English speaking Software Engineers and Embedded Software Developers .

    Can you please help or assist in putting an advert on your website?

    Malini Raina

  4. How I wish,it was as simple as the chart is shown above!I wonder where the jobs really are available. With „Absagen“,I get at every aplications sent for the past nine years!:(

  5. Hello, I became part of the VDI when I was studying in Germany as a bilateral exchange. I am EU-citizen but I was raised and did my studies in Latinamerica, so my question is if I have to hold a EU-degree in order to practice my profession in german soil. I am Mechanical Engineer. Thanks

  6. Hi,
    I’m a Associate member of The Institution of Engineer(India)& registered with Engineering Council -UK as IEng MIMechE. Please advise about membership , Fees & benefits of joining VDI.I also wish to pursue work in Germany.

  7. hello,
    im new in germany and i have finished university(civil engineering) in 2014 in afghanistan, with 2 years of experiance in construction as a site engineer.
    and all my documents (dip…) are accepted in germany, but now i dont know what to do becuase im not good in german language im in A1 kurs and cant find any job or intership.
    Can you please help me.

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