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„EYE has developed in a nice way“

Get to know more about the European Young Engineers (EYE) and the people who are coming to the conferences: We have spoken with a “historical” person. Tabea Wilk is the Studenten und Jungingenieure delegate for the European Young Engineers from 2008 to 2010. Let’s hear what she is thinking about the EYE today.

Bild: privatEYE_Tabea_WilkHi Tabea. Could you please shortly tell us where you are from and what you have studied?
I’m from Germany and I studied material science.

You were the delegate for EYE from 2008 to 2010. How do you get in touch with EYE and why do you want to work as a volunteer?
I’m a member of the VDI in Germany since 2006 and I started to volunteer there regional and then in 2007 I started to volunteer in the Hannover fair team. Due to that I was ask to volunteer for the students and young engineers management. In 2008 I was in the USA for half a year and I recognized that it is important to look for international contacts. So I took the chance back in Germany to volunteer in EYE in combination with the VDI.

You have a lot of EYE-experiences. Could you tell us the development of the EYE network from your point of view since your term? Do you think the organization faces the same problems they had six years ago?
Well, I think EYE has developed in a nice way. It is independent and the task force works really good in building up the network, finding new members. And one important point is that EYE works more efficient then six years ago. Also I think I has to face a lot of new problems. They don’t have an office in Brussels, Belgium anymore which make it not that easy. In my opinion as European organization it is important to be at the place where Europe meets each other. Additional problems arise with the organization and meetings of the task force.

Why do you think it is worth it to support EYE through volunteer work and what was the coolest or best moment in EYE for you?
To be volunteer at EYE gives you the chance to work with different cultures together and improve your “soft skills”. It is a lot of fun to have so many different people working together and have so many different views. My best and coolest moment – oh my gosh – it is long time ago and there where so many fun moments. What I enjoyed most next to all the work it was, that there was still time to have a great party time with the people. Also that I could make some friends which I have till today. That’s nice!

You have seen a lot of EYE conferences and know many participants. Just give us a hint where you have been so long. What do you think about the development of the conference quality and the people who go there? Are they always the same?
Uff, I’m not sure that I have been on so many conferences. Actually not really, I have been in Glasgow, in Salerno in my active time. Now I have been in Dublin and Antwerp. Conferences are better organized and improved the quality of the workshops! That is really good.

Bild: EYEEYE_Sitzung_Menschen

Bild: privatFranco_SchubertDas Interview führte: Franco Schubert
Franco ist Masterstudent an der HTWK Leipzig und seit zwei Jahren der Vertreter der Studenten und Jungingenieure im EYE Netzwerk.

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